things i learned at firefly:

  • BECK IS AMAZING which is why i included two pictures
  • alex turner may have showed his soft & vulnerable side in the submarine soundtrack but no amount of hair gel could hide the Huge Fucking Dork that comes out during don’t sit down ‘cause i’ve moved your chair
  • ricky wilson of the kaiser chiefs is an Official Wizard
  • iron & wine sounds better live than on the record. fact.
  • this is also true for local natives and jack johnson
  • people willingly drink bud light. i did not know this.
  • foo fighters do amazing covers of school’s out and under pressure
  • ~30,000 people left the outkast performance after they played hey ya
  • i should put more sunscreen on my boobs
  • if you want a good spot just walk all the way up the side, then cut straight across. this is a foolproof plan
  • or just show up early, which is what we did for beck and i was p much in the front row and made eye contact during loser and it was Magical
  • showers cost $$$
  • t-shirts cost $$$$$

that’s it, that’s all i learned